Image joining service provider company in USA and UK. Due to the recent exploration of E-commerce platforms, you’ll see this service in almost all image editing service providers. If you take a look at the E-commerce platform’s product listing, you’ll see different types of listings. Some marketers listed single products in a package and some others offer multiple products in a package. Commonly marketers include the same type tools or almost the same purpose serving tools in a single package. These may be kitchen tools, computer accessories, home cleaning tools, or something like that.

Usually, when you offer multiple products in a single package you have to add all these in an image. To do that, you have to join the multiple product images in a single canvas. The clipping path finder mainly offers this service for such multiple products listing in a single package.

What do photo editing service providers do to join images?

Image joining is easily understandable to all as this term is a self-describing one. Here designers add some images in a canvas in a way that will make only target objects visible (without background).

Commonly when you seek clipping path, image masking, or some other graphic services clipping path service providers have to do only one job. But in image joining, a designer has to do two jobs- background removal first and then image joining. Without removing background it is not possible to join multiple images in a single canvas. 

If you snap five images of different kitchen tools and try to join them without removing the background, what will happen? For sure, the background of an image will make portions of other images invisible. Obviously, that will not be an E-commerce friendly image, and you’ll not be able to use it anywhere.

So, a designer must remove the backgrounds first, and then he has to drag and drop all the images in a single canvas.  

Make the image joining eye-catching through a simple technique

If you just put several tools (with background removed) in one canvas that will obviously be image joining. Just adding tools in a single image may be image joining but it will not serve the purpose. Even it will not attract your customers mostly because it will not look so attractive at the first sight. 

Now, what should you do to give images an attractive look? 

The clipping path finder always recommends not joining images in a canvas side by side. Suppose for straight tools, the right way is to put one tool vertically. Then put another tool horizontally and continue the image adding. In this case, you should change position a bit when you put another tool vertically or horizontally after putting one tool vertically or horizontally. Changing position a bit is mandatory to make all the tools visible.

If you join tools having wire then try to join them one with another. Such joining and placing will give the image joining a superbly attractive look and that will generate more sales.