Ghost Mannequin Services

Ghost Mannequin Services company in USA and UK. This image editing service is mainly related to clothing photography or promoting a clothing brand. Due to the recent exploration of clothing brands, almost all the clipping path service providers now offer this service. Sometimes you may need some other services like background removal, color correction, or so besides the Ghost mannequin service. But, it depends on the nature of the image and what purpose you want to serve. Actually, the clippingpathfinder gives importance on these two- the natures of image and the purpose it will serve

Understand- what the Ghost Mannequin really is? 

The other name of Ghost mannequin is invisible mannequin photography where designers remove the mannequin from an image. Sometimes without this photo editing service, you’ll not be able to promote your clothing brand rightly.  


Suppose you want to promote different color hoodies on your e-commerce website. Obviously, you have to take a photograph of a female model wearing a hoodie to promote the hoodie. The reason is that pics of hoodies keeping hoodies on a table or bed sheet will not make images lifelike. 

But when you take photographs of a model wearing hoodies some parts of hoodies will be invisible. The body of the model or mannequin makes some parts of the hoodie invisible. Now, what do you do to make such objects perfectly visible or to ensure a lifelike appearance? Ghost mannequin is the only answer- you need to remove the model or mannequin from the image. 

That the ghost mannequin service actually does, but it will not affect the actual product (dress) that you want to promote. 

For which things you may ask for ghost mannequin service

Most of the orders for this photo editing service placed in the clipping path finder are for blazers, jeans, jackets, women’s hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. For most of the clothing, you may ask this to any photo editing service provider. 

How will this image editing service boost your sales?

When you snap a jacket image putting it anywhere and upload it, customers will not get a lifelike appearance. But when a model wears it and you’ll take a pic then remove the model the appearance will be livable. The inside of the jacket will be hollow as you took the snap when it was on the model’s body.

At the first sight of such an image, anyone can understand if it fits him/her or not. This thing is applicable in all types of clothing- pants, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. If you see folded jeans pants, you’ll not be able to understand whether you like wearing them or not. It will be difficult for you to understand- are those the pieces that you’re looking for.  But if you see the same jeans pants when someone wears them, it will be easier for you to understand. 

Another reason why photo editing service providers suggest it is that the ghost mannequin makes all the parts of a dress visible. 

When a customer sees a dress after his own heart and gets its lifelike view, the possibility of sale obviously increases. This is why the clipping path finder now gives importance to the ghost mannequin service.