Online marketers now love using images containing different text or writing. This feature of an image certainly adds some value to it. You may add text on a product image, banner, or something like that. Even sometimes we use text on an image to describe a specific feature or to show using rules of a tool. In a word, you may add text for various purposes and that’s why most of the image editing service providers now provide this service. 

What do the designers actually do in adding text?

Add text means writing something on an image or just drag and drop and written text. Commonly clipping path finder tries to add text in different stylish fonts, not simple fonts. 

If you add simple text it may anyway serve your purpose but it will not be rightly effective. But stylish fonts or cartoon-like fonts can attract people as they love to see them. 

Photo editing service providers choose a stylish font based on the nature and purpose of the image. These fonts look so charming and that’s why the image which contains such fonts can attract more visitors. 

How much adding text is important to marketers?

Sometimes clipping path service providers add text to an image just for making it smart-looking. But in certain cases, adding text to an image is necessary to make some products understandable.

Suppose you want to promote a water filter on the Facebook shop or other online platforms. You know water filters contain several parts and not all the parts are understandable to the general people. Here you have to add some text to mark the different parts, and services they will provide. 

You may also add text on any product like a t-shirt, book, pen, etc. There’s no bar to add text on images as this is just a Photoshop technique. But, adding text on such products is not a big issue like adding text beside water filter parts.

That’s why in some cases, clipping path service providers avoid adding text on some images. 

Choose the right stylish fonts and generate tones of sales a day

All the top-class image editing service providers give importance to using stylish fonts in adding text. But it is also important to choose the right stylish fonts according to the context.  

The clipping path finder does that according to who will be your target audience- what they love to see? Some people say funny fonts are effective in all cases but that’s not true, at least in a few cases. 

Suppose you want to sell medical alert tools for older people. As the target audience is older people, here adding some general stylish font is enough. But to promote baby products or any item for kids, funny or cartoon-like fonts will be the best option. The reason is that kids love to see cartoonish things around them.